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Lettuce Take You Back With Healthy Heirlooms!

It’s true! Heirlooms really do have a higher nutritional content than today’s modern hybrid varieties. Studies have been done at The University of Texas in Austin, by Donald R. Davis and his team. Their work has left us with a book called “Declining Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Composition” and available to read online or from […]

Local Lettuce Farmed For Diversity And Nutrition

The opportunity for eating locally grown lettuce in such an array of variety is in huge demand. Since it is made available directly after harvesting, one could say you’ve sat in the field with fork in hand. It simply could not be any fresher than this! You may find it as captivating as myself after […]

Healthy Farm For A Healthier You!

FRESH, clean and natural are the beautiful beginnings as the promise of spring sets way at the farm. Part of the excitement is in watching nature unfold. For me however, the fun is not so much the crops that have been sown. Although the lettuces are adding an abundance of pretty ruffled green bouquets in […]

So You’ve Had A Bad Day? Aloe Vera!

Cleopatra and Nefertiti have stood out in my mind as I’ve pondered the historical uses of this ancient herb. The Aloe Vera Plants were used by the Egyptian Queens down through the centuries. Herbs such as Aloe Vera were depended upon as part of medicinal and beauty treatments for so many different ailments.. What is […]

Bringing Dill To Your Table And The Swallowtail

While herbs offer the perfect opportunity for natural health and wellness, there is the story of life where it grows on the farm. One part to be told of the plants picked fresh for your table. Also one that includes delicious ways of enjoying them. Then most importantly, the other that tells how it is […]