Bringing Dill To Your Table And The Swallowtail

Farm Fresh Dill Photo By Pamela Kimsey

While herbs offer the perfect opportunity for natural health and wellness, there is the story of life where it grows on the farm. One part to be told of the plants picked fresh for your table. Also one that includes delicious ways of enjoying them. Then most importantly, the other that tells how it is grown.

Dill has been utilized for centuries, both medicinally as well as culinary., I especially love it fresh in potato salad! But I want to make sure I have plenty of seed heads when pickle making time comes around. I also want to have plenty for saving seeds so we can grow more plants.  But more than anything I want to make sure there will be plenty extra growing for the swallowtail caterpillars.

The Beautiful Swallowtail Butterfly Photo By Pamela Kimsey

I believe health and wellness comes in many forms. Not just something for your body and soul, but something that includes the environment in which your food is grown. This is the rest of the story of why we grow totally chemical free. One to be told of the beautiful butterflies, so they may fly free to do some very important pollinating.

. Dill gives us an excellent companion plant for growing with the cucumbers. Must be why pickles are so naturally yummy. It also works well when grown with all the brassicas, beans, lettuce and even onions.

There are several other flowers and herbs that will serve the same purpose to the Swallowtail such as Parsley, Fennel and even carrots. It is our hope to grow plenty for both you and for them.

Many reputable studies on the health benefits of Dill have been written by the Herb Society of America.The ancient Greeks used it to cure the hiccoughs and the Egyptians used it as a painkiller. While today’s researchers are finding it to aid with ulcers and indigestion.

The healthiest food we can offer from Hibiscus Hill Plantation is food grown naturally in well balanced diversity. So the next time you enjoy our fresh picked Dill, you might think fondly of the butterflies too.