Healthy Farm For A Healthier You!

Cilantro and Onion Blooms Photo by Pamela Kimsey

FRESH, clean and natural are the beautiful beginnings as the promise of spring sets way at the farm. Part of the excitement is in watching nature unfold. For me however, the fun is not so much the crops that have been sown. Although the lettuces are adding an abundance of pretty ruffled green bouquets in the fields.

But more so as a natural grower, I find myself completely mesmerized by the orchestrated balance as it springs forth. As I observe a bit of new growth appearing on the many perennial herbs planted throughout the landscapes, my first herbal anticipation derives from the annual herb, Cilantro.

Why Cilantro, you might ask? Well, I could ask you to simply take a closer look at the photo above where the Cilantro is in full bloom. All of the white lacy flowers almost gives the appearance of snow flakes in spring. While it’s pretty growing throughout the farm amongst the onion blooms and wildflowers, so much more is happening! This delightful herb kicks in spring with a very special beneficial purpose.

Ladybugs Feasting On Aphids Photo by Pamela Kimsey

Exciting to me is that this herb is the first up and blooming, luring the ladybugs who are attracted to their flowers. They will lay many eggs along the way and soon after I will find them in many stages throughout the farm. The next thing to discover is the ladybugs moving in on various crops and feasting on aphids throughout the season.

The best way to attract Ladybugs to the farm is growing diverse. This basically means growing an array of plants that will attract beneficial insects and act as companions for all kinds of wonderful reasons..

It’s simple but yet complex harmony when nature takes its course.The sky is the limit when one participates in natural growing methods. It is quite exciting as well that it all works together so as not one pesticide or insecticide is ever needed. I find it imperative to grow a healthy farm, which in turn may grow a healthier you. Is this something important to you, too?